Who I Am

I’m Eric. I’m a husband, father and teacher who happens to love WordPress. I’m not a web developer. I’m not a programmer. I’m a regular guy who learned how to make a website on my own.

This website, the one you’re looking at . . . I made it on my own. I used WordPress. My Boring Channel’s main website — myboringchannel.net — I made on my own. I recently made a 100% free website — mboringc.wordpress.com — on my own (that’s right, that website cost me nothing).

You can learn how to make a website on your own as well. If you can learn Microsoft Word, you can learn WordPress.

My Personal Mission

My mission — to help small business owners and individuals save money — a lot of money. Website developers charge hundreds, if not thousands, to make a website for you. Typically they make your website in WordPress. Then they charge thousands more for ongoing SEO and website maintenance.

You don’t have to go that route. 

I can show you how to make a website on your own. You can keep your money in your pocket. You can make a beautiful website that’s professional that ranks in Google so that you can be found and make money.

It’s really as simple as that.